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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Satyameva Jayate - Truth Alone Triumphs

“Satyameva Jayate - Truth Alone Triumphs”

First of grand salute to all veer jawans and freedom fighters who struggled and sacrificed their lives to gift us back Mother India. We are lucky to be blessed with great culture, resources, scriptures and our soil. A change is always inevitable..But the point is in a right way or not? When we proudly say our motto “Satyameva Jayate-truth alone triumphs” We must do justice to it..But as a matter of fact..When we even think about justice often guilt starts settling over us like a cloud..Everything cannot be changed in a day..It takes time..We often forget what we lose when we run behind the fast and futuristic world..Common people in btw are left out far behind..When we take a deep look, we see a lot of falls than rises…

Nature - A beautiful land of greenery..Blue waves of ocean…green mountains and ranges..Snow unveils from Himalaya when sun rays fall on them..Boundless desert beyond sight..Green fields and lotus ponds..Jungles and hills …backwaters and lakes..Rivers that emerge with sea like lovers…islands..Chirping birds, wildlife animals…shrubs and herbs …trees and plants..All these variety of flora-fauna..

But we have encroached greater threats to nature. Unlike natural threats, man-made threats can be forbaded by changing our conduct.

Some man-made threats are:

>Pollution – Burning of fossil fuels, usage of pesticides and chemicals have changed the environmental atmosphere and caused air pollution, soil pollution and water pollution and as a result global warming and other climate changes occur.

>Deforestation - Cutting down of trees and total destruction of greenery for human greed. Splitting the nature’s habitat for us to dwell in the glories of redundancies.

>Misuse and exploitation of resources – More than we consume we export it for money. All the first class quality to be exported and the remaining rotten are given to the common man. We are raging to feed the upper class when the poor are still under poverty and hunger.

>Illegal hunting and trade of endangered species- So many endangered species are being traded illegally later resulting in extinction because of their introduction to non-native regions.

>Accidental deaths – This can be avoided partially with safe and slow driving, rest is ofcourse fate.

Organizations such as wildlife conservationists and eco friendly group are a great boon.


Education– A huge progress in education is needed for us to step out of illiteracy in India. Missions like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Saakshar Bharath has succeeded to a limit in some states like Kerala with 90.92% literacy and Mizoram 88.80% etc. It is not just exams and mug ups that bring us success. Realization of attaining knowledge, understanding the real world helps to mould up bright future.

- Reservation regarding income would be much better than just caste consideration.

- Lots of higher caste people suffer from poverty, a descend education plan is necessary for all caste and creed.

- We should owe them who brought plans for adult, senior citizens educational plans.

- More awareness programs should be conducted for rural and remote interiors of our country about the necessity of proper education.

- Donations and collage corruptions should be avoided completely.

- Collage politics and ragging should be completely abolished. Severe punishments and proper justice should be done on indecent ragging cases and political issues.

- Stop child labour and let them learn and dream.

Teach the youth to face the world. Teach them “Satyameva Jayathe.”

Government and Politics– We have federal constitutional and parliamentary democracy, which is being allegedly misused in a way.

I don’t believe in what they say “If all first bencher’s become engineers and doctors and give no interest in politics. Realize the back bencher’s will rule you.”

A person with just a degree is not what we need. A person with a broad mind and knowledge to work for the real world, a person who is ready to struggle for the nation, person who wish the betterment of our country, who is generous and no greedy .A social worker more than a politician. Most of them in the post are a shame for the nation. Ok, we understand it is human nature to become selfish or greedy in one way when we get the power or wealth. But save some courage as a man, say the truth and regret your mistakes. We are common people we can understand it far better and forgive, since we are facing and enduring what you are doing right now to us. Quit playing the political drama and open up your eyes. Come out of your shell and show some light.

Technology – Sky scrapers and latest gizmos and techies are great innovative ideas of the human brain. Technology in every aspect has boomed the Indian economy. But the expenditure has been quadrupled for the same cause. When people are dying of hunger and poverty, what is more relevant you think? We are not against modernization. But show-off modernization is a brutality to the poor.

Media – Mass media and visual media are turning down the total faith common people had on them. Fake news and adult shows are big turn-offs. You have a dharma to protect the truth, you are misusing it. What has bollywood king and queen’s “peek –a-boos” parties have to do with us. Most of the newspaper’s and other media have taken it as a duty to shoot nude and uncensored pictures of so called stars to gain some TRP’s. A famous newspaper’s online website has been covered with all these pictures recently. This is not entertainment, you are spoiling the youth. Lot of shows and programs with real great ideas are working on and when the audience appreciate you for that, why do you go behind the vulgarisms. Real great journalist and their sharp words like sword had changed India’s destiny once during freedom struggle. Talents are proven by variety of shows, politicians are questioned by common man’s voice, educational programs and ad campaigns spread awareness through the media. In BTW why do we need this explicit grossness?

Speak the truth. Spread the word “Satyameva Jayate”.

What we can do -

Ø We can stop misusing resources. Polluting nature.

Ø We can banish racism from our mind and from the world.

Ø We should encourage the spread of education and literacy.

Ø Stop Illegal consumption of alcohol, smokes and drugs.

Ø Unify and bring peace. Bring India back to its sovereignty.

Incredible India- “Athulya Bharath”.

Vande mataram !


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  2. Nice article. Well written and good thoughts.